Matthew’s Tanka Poem

16 03 2008

I can’t promise that this poem won’t make you hungry.  😆


I want a sandwich.

To make a sandwich you need

lots of bananas;

peanut butter and jelly.

The best sandwich ever made!

Matthew K.


Poetry Contest Winner

4 03 2008

Our local library recently sponsored a poetry contest with the theme being “the pursuit of happiness.”  I didn’t know it, but one of our students decided she wanted to give this a try and turned in a submission.  Her mother let me know that she received a phone call informing her that Kaitlyn’s poem had come in second place!  I am happy for Kaitlyn and want to congratulate her on her fine effort.  Below is a copy of her winning poem.


Dreamin’ of Disney

By Kaitlyn M.


I want to go to Disneyland,

It’s a really fun park.


I love to go on the rides all day.

I adore it when it’s dark.


My favorite ride is Space Mountain,

And Ariel’s Grotto has a fountain.


Churros are my favorite treat.

They’re delicious, sugary and sweet.


To get there, I have to work really hard.

I have to clean up, the whole backyard.


Toys and bears fill my room.

Better make it tidy with a broom.


At night I dream of Disneyland,

In the morning we leave, just like I planned.

A Class Act

18 02 2008

Our last Poetry Power class took place on February 13, 2008 at 1 p.m.  For this meeting, we were fortunate enough to be able to use a classroom at Grace Bible Fellowship where some other homeschoolers from our group meet with their co-op.  This month, we learned about writing a monorhyme poem, but we won’t be posting any of these poems until next month when the students turn in their assignments.  However, one of the mothers took some pictures during class which she shared with me, and I in turn, will share them with you. 

  monorhyme-class-8.jpg  monorhyme-class-3.jpg    monorhyme-class-5.jpg  monorhyme-class-7.jpg  monorhyme-class-8.jpg

img_1274.jpg    img_1276.jpg   img_1277.jpg

I apologize that some of these pictures are so small.  I’m somewhat technically challenged(at least that’s what my children tell me), and I haven’t figures out yet how to make these pictures larger.  The last 3 pictures will enlarge if you click on them.  Sorry I’m such a geek!

Clare’s Tanka Poem

18 02 2008


Droopy, wet flowers

hanging loosely on their stems

green shows all around

the flowers’ stems are purple

the leaves are brightish greenish.


by Clare B.

Cori’s Tanka Poem

16 02 2008


The angels all come

Jesus is snug in his bed

nothing for his head

with mother and father near

for the Christ child is born.


by Cori M.

Corey’s Tanka Poem

16 02 2008


A violent, dark storm.

The lightning strikes the ground hard.

Loud thunder shakes us.

The sky is really pitch black.

The rain makes really big floods.


by Corey B.

Isabella’s Tanka Poem

16 02 2008


The cats are fluffy

as they play and jump around.

They look so cuddly

as they lay and look and purr,

waiting, watching for their food. 


by Isabella K.