Poetry Power Terse Verse

7 02 2008

  What do you call a quizzing friend? 

 Study Buddy 

Matthew K.   

  What do you call a pig in an earthquake?  

 Shaken Bacon

 Paul C. 

  What do you call a circle of bones in your mouth?  

  Teeth Wreath

 Clare B.  

 What makes a dark room bright? 

  Night Light 

Jenna A.

What Is Terse Verse?

7 02 2008

Terse Verse is a very short form of poetry.  It starts with an impressive sounding question or statement which is solved by a short rhyme.


What do you call a dog that likes to lick everyone?

smooch pooch



Boxing Ring

Fight Site


In the next post, we will have some original terse verse written by our students.


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